‘Maroush’ – exotic and tasteful like Turkish delight. ‘Maroush’ is a super-stylish, contemporary sheer, reminiscent of Middle Eastern architecture, cobbled paths and flavourful aromas. ‘Maroush’ is unparalleled beauty,in shades of blues and greens, that dances to the slightest breeze.

This unique fabric is a laser cut burnout sheer on a special rainbow organza yarn base. The trendy mosaic tiled design, re-invented on gorgeous sheer textile to suit the current social climate, makes this fabric a must-have in every décor.

Stay at the fore-front of fashion with River Fabrics, where style and luxury is the norm.

The double-tassel ‘Trebbia’ tie-back is a stunning statement piece in PU leather. It is available in a selection of eight colours, including two metallic colours in champagne and silver.

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